Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Paper Craft with kids...

Helloo Peepzzz,,
 How is everything going??Well I had a tough week..Examz, assignment, functions at college and so on and on..But then i remember about ICR kids project..After asking almost all the kids in the family i managed to get one...And then both of us sat down and after thinking for long we decided to use my left over papers...

 I was so happy to find another way to use it...

And the view from top...

One thing i learnt from this project is how difficult it is to manage Kids..aww to make them stick paper you have to use the glue they want, the way they want to work you have to agree..But had so much of fun though....

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  1. this is super fun project and brilliant idea!!thanks for playing along my project!All the best!

  2. ha Ha if their mood and yours is not right crafting with kids can turn into battle of the titans!!

  3. Ya I agree with you Doc. so much of fuss they make we ordered for pizza and instead of working in the time being we were waiting and planning as to how to eat it..who will take the 1st bit..I was getting so bugged...but on the lighter note finally we managed to complete the project...

  4. brilliant, thanks for entering the CBN challenge, good luck xx

  5. A fantastic project, love it. Thanks for entering the CBN challenge xxx

  6. That is fabulously simple, neat & a mission accomplished creation... :D I really appreciate you joining us with this maiden attempt displaying a gr8 enthu.... Thank You so much & hope to be joined by you in all our future ventures too.... :D

    Ash... :)

  7. Fabulous train/bug/chain whatever you want to call it..its fabulous!! Thanks for joining us!